The hair, likewise called an individual’s delegated wonder, is perhaps the best resource. It can show a lady’s character depending on her inclination. That is the reason a few hair medicines are made accessible to additionally upgrade the magnificence of one’s hair, including hair rebonding. Hair rebonding is a procedure wherein the characteristic obligations of the hair are separated using synthetic compounds and heat, revised, and reinforced by and by. The waves and twists are straightened with the goal that the hair looks straight and lovely. The aftereffect of this procedure guarantees satiny, sparkly, and smooth hair.

A few ladies are enticed to get a hair rebond on the grounds that their hair is dull, fuzzy, and unmanageable. In any case, is hair rebonding truly for you? Look at the advantages and reactions that you may understand from this hair treatment.

While finished hair looks lovely, not many individuals acknowledge how much work and exertion goes into keeping it tame. This is the reason many individuals select to get their hair rebonded. Not exclusively does this treatment help make finished hair straight, smooth, glossy, and simple to keep up, however it likewise spares a great deal of time that would somehow be spent on battling it out with your hair every morning. Yet, how precisely accomplishes hair rebonding work? Continue reading to find out more about hair rebonding.

What is Hair Rebonding

Started from Japan, hair rebonding turned out to be progressively well known as it made wavy, crimped hair increasingly reasonable through a compound salon procedure to make them straight.

Your hair is composed of amino acids. These proteins are associated by bonds that decide the structure of your hair – straight, wavy, or wavy. Hair rebonding includes synthetically loosening up your hair by separating these bonds and afterward revamping them to change the structure of your hair.

The procedure begins with the use of a relaxant, which assists break with bringing down the protein bonds in your hair. The hair is then fixed, and a neutralizer is applied, which revamps the bonds with a modified structure.

Why is Hair Rebonding popular now?

Since the mid 2010s, rebonding is making a great comeback. Just until then, it was deemed as too straight and boring. However, the recent Korean craze wave with the likes of Yoon Seung Ah from the Running Man movie for example, more people are into hair rebonding again.

Hair rebonding gives lasting outcomes. In contrast to other hair medicines, rebonding your hair can make it forever straight. Regardless of whether your hair is normally honest with a slight ‘S’ bend, or wavy, it is ensured that you will have straight and velvety hair toward the finish of the treatment.

What is the Rebonding process like?

The method of Hair Rebonding uses two synthetic compounds in particular cream relaxant and neutralizer. Before the utilization of these, the hair is set up for the protracted system by washing completely with a gentle cleanser and blow-drying in the medium setting (Conditioner is utilized at a later stage). A few stages for rebonding are as per the following:

  1. The hair is brushed and flawlessly partitioned into a few segments relying on its volume.
  2. Following this, the cream relaxant or conditioner is first applied on each segment of the hair independently while keeping it held straight and is permitted to set while it breaks the normal obligation of the hair.
  3. Slim plastic sheets are used to guarantee that the cream is applied to every single strand of the hair. For ordinary to wavy hair, the cream is unmistakably left for 30 minutes while, for dry, bunched up and exorbitantly wavy hair, it very well may be left for more. In spite of the fact that keeping it on for a really long time could harm the hair.
  4. After this, steam the hair for 30-40 minutes relying on its surface and general condition. Follow with an exhaustive flush and blow-dry.
  5. Next, a Keratin salve is applied to smooth any twists that might be left. When the hair is acceptably straight, it is separated once more.
  6. This progression is trailed by applying the neutralizer which re-structures and balances out the bonds to frame new ones that give your hair the smooth and straight look.
  7. The neutralizer is left on the hair for an additional 30 minutes and afterward the hair is flushed and blow-dried one final time.
  8. To reestablish the sustenance in the hair, a serum is applied cautiously everywhere.
  9. At long last, the hair is fixing with an iron. It is prompted not to wash the hair for at any rate three days after the rebonding methodology for best outcomes.

Be that as it may, rebonding can harm your hair and furthermore by making your hair unreasonably straight, it might be unflattering to confront shapes at times because of the extraordinary evenness and straightness of the procedure. Please note if using shampoo, it has to be one that is suited exclusively for straight hair. But do not wet the hair for 3 days after rebonding.

What kind of hair is suitable for Hair Rebonding

There are many kinds of hair rebonding that is tailored to different hair kinds.

There are five unique kinds of procedures: Straight Rebonding, Soft Rebonding, Volume Rebonding, Volume Body Perm and Japanese Aqua Straightening.

Straight rebonding is normally suggested for women with coarse and wavy hair as their hair frequently requires high warmth and solid synthetic items to tame!

If Straight Rebonding seems too excessive, then take on Soft rebonding as it does not cause as much damage to the thin hair as full rebonding does.

How long does the rebonding process last?

Whenever done from a rumored salon, the rebonding can keep going for around 6-7 months. Be that as it may, when your hair is fixed you need to clean up the new development at regular intervals, a half year or a year, contingent upon your development.