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Highly popular with ladies (and guys too!), volume rebonding treatment is a much sought-after hair treatment at our salon every day; and we are committed to delivering the look of satisfaction on both the hair and faces of our valued customers, day in and day out, rain or shine.

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What is hair rebonding?

For the uninitiated, rebonding is a chemical treatment done to your hair to straighten it out and bring back its former shine.

A technique that originated from Japan, rebonding requires the use of a straightening lotion to break down the natural protein bonds in your hair, followed by the use of a flat iron to straighten the hair out.

This is then followed by the application of a neutraliser to reset the hair bonds and lock in your hair’s new straightness and sleekness.

Straight rebonding

Also known as the traditional or classical technique of rebonding, the is the original rebonding treatment that launched a global fashion wave of ultra-straight hair look back in the early 2000’s.

This is a technique that is ideal for women looking for a foolproof method of handling their tricky curls, and often necessitates the use of high heat and stronger chemicals to rein in those tough and frizzy curls.

Unfortunately, straight rebonding also tends to produce flat hair and as such, many people have instead turned to soft rebonding in recent years as the go-to rebonding treatment.

Wave Rebonding

Another important and amazing type of rebonding is wave rebonding which is growing rapidly. In this type, your hair will get a light wave from the top till the end.

It will provide you with anti-frizz effect in rebounding and keep your hair in the perfect shape. All in all, this type of rebonding will provide you light feelings without getting any issues in color and strength.

Soft rebonding

Over the years, rebonding treatments have been improved and refined with new techniques and applications introduced every now and then.

Moving away from creating flat and sharp-edge hair ends that are reminiscent of straight rebonding, soft rebonding focuses on creating natural-looking straight hair without the frizziness and dryness.

Aqua Rebonding

Beauty always comes with a price, and as with any chemical treatment, hair rebonding can cause damage to the hair over the long term.

To alleviate this problem, Japanese hair stylists developed Aqua Rebonding, a soft rebonding method that lets you achieve the hairstyle that you desire while still maintaining the health of your hair.

First, the process involves the use of carbonated water to wash the hair and rid it of all impurities.

Next, chemicals packed with nutrients are then used to strengthen the hair and at the same time replenish the moisture in it so that it doesn’t go off dry.

Soft or straight rebonding?

The process is almost the same when it comes to either soft or straight rebonding treatments – straightening lotion is applied before the hair is subjected to a flat iron and neutraliser.

The key difference is that in soft rebonding, milder chemicals and lower heat temperatures are used compared to that of straight rebonding.

The end result also differs in that soft rebonding retains some of the hair’s natural curls for a natural look, whereas straight rebonding places an emphasis on producing completely straight hair.

Which treatment you choose ultimately depends on what you prefer.

How long does soft rebonding last?

Soft rebonding treatments usually last for around 6 to 7 months, the exact duration varies and depends on each individual’s hair care routine and hair growth cycle.

If you want to maintain a consistent look, consider most stylists’ recommendation of visiting the salon for a touch up every 3 to 4 months or so.

What is volume rebonding?

Volume rebonding serves as the answer for those of you who are looking for a solution that is mid-point between having wavy tresses and straight locks.

A very popular Korean rebonding treatment, volume rebonding combines the power of perm and rebonding to deliver its stunning result: a set of natural-looking straight hair that ends with soft, bouncy curls for an enhanced feminine look.

What makes this treatment highly sought after is that it can also work well with severely coarse hair.

Currently, there are 2 types of volume rebonding that beauty affectionados flock to: C Curl and S Curl.

C curl

This is the treatment of choice for people who tend to go for a neat and no-frills hairstyle.

The c curl treatment involves straightening the upper parts of the hair, followed by a c-curl perm at the hair ends to finish it off.

Sporting a nicely tucked-in look, the c curl treatment always delivers a very presentable and functional hairstyle specially for working ladies, and as such ranks as one of the most popular hair treatments among females in Singapore. Here, we are providing premium quality c curl rebonding services to our valuable customers.

S curl

If glam and drama is your thing when it comes to hairstyle, then s curl option may just be the thing for you.

Starting similarly as the c curl treatment, the upper ends of your hair are being straightened before loose curls are permed in towards the ends to create a series of natural waves to your hair, giving it a more defined and stylistic finish.

Get your hair rebonding done right

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