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Peekaboo hair Singapore – what’s your favorite hair color, silver, pink, blue or red? Why not have them all? Get a streak of colors or more on your hair and bring out the stylish and fabulous you.

Probably, you have recently come across someone wearing the new Peekaboo hairstyle, and you just felt that you, too, should try it. Indeed wearing a great hairstyle can boost your confidence, enhance your beauty and generally compliment your features.

The cool part about these Peekaboo hairstyles is that they give you a bold and adventurous appearance, yet you don’t have to make massive changes on your entire head.

What is peekaboo hair?

Peekaboo highlights, or hidden highlights, are strategically positioned in your recently bleached hair, mainly underneath the upper layer in a manner such that they “peek out” from your hair strands.

Often, unconventional colors are used in Peekaboo hairstyles such as purple, pink, blue, and more, so you can choose any of your favorite colors.

While you may be looking forward to booking an appointment with your nearest salon stylist after discovering these peekaboo highlights, there are several things you should put into consideration before committing to the whimsical hairstyle.

Here are a few important things you need to know about peekaboo highlights.

How do you dye peek a boo?

Peekaboo highlights are randomly infused with freehand yet serve the intended purpose, i.e. creating dimensions or adding eye-catching color contracts on your hair.

Your stylist first brushes the bleaching agent onto small hair sections. The purpose of the breaching agent is to lighten the hair sections. The breached hair strands are typically wrapped in special foils to restrict the impact mainly to the strands waiting to be dyed.

Depending on your choice, the highlights can either be chunky or bond and sometimes subdued and muted simply because of being more subtle and thinner.

What color should you choose?

Typically, Peekaboos can have a lighter natural color, a virtual neon pastel bundle, dark hair, blonde hair or a complete rainbow of colors, i.e. purple. Red, blue, teal/red) which is hidden below the hair surface, waiting for an unexpected iridescence surprise.

Placement is the key. This is simply the position where the coloured hair will be relative to the other part of your mane. Ideally, you may want to know the closeness between two-coloured hair and the hairline nearest your face. Besides, you want to know the position of hair relative to your lock part.

It is imperative to know that most salon stylists recommend such a splash of coloured hair ends about an inch or close in the part where the color impact can be either for maximum or minimum effect.

Indeed, these possibilities are virtually limitless. Your stylist can paint the tint in bangs, on one side or both sides of your ears, at the back to give an undertone to give a deep dark and a unique mane.

Is Peekaboo hair costly to maintain?

Is Peekaboo hair treatment high maintenance? Definitely not the case! Maybe you don’t like the fact that you have to make a weekly appointment to have your colored hair maintained, leave alone the need to visit your bank to finance the services offered and products required.

Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about with Peekaboo highlights. Peekaboo is not only insanely low maintenance but also cool. Indeed, they are some of the most convenient and easiest hairstyles to keep your lovable hairstyle stand out.

Make sure that you use only the color-safe shampoos while showering to maintain your color vibrant as well as a hydrating conditioner.

Typically, maintaining your Peekaboo hair is not a costly affair at all. However, regular trims are needed to keep the strands in place, and hair products and styling tools are needed to maintain the mane.

What are peekaboo highlights called?

Peekaboo highlights are a fun way to add a pop of color to your hair.

They’re also sometimes called ‘strut- Your-Color’ highlights because they are added to the hair in small sections. They are keenly and strategically placed in your freshly bleached hair and below the top layer such that the new manner peeks out from your hair strand.

They are a fun way to add color to your hair. The name comes from the fact that the highlights are almost like a secret, as they are only revealed when your hair is seen from a certain angle. This creates the illusion of depth and volume without waiting for the highlights to fade!

Peekaboo highlights are also a great way to work in extra colors without committing to a full head color. Often, more unconventional colors are used, such as purple, blue, red, pink, and more.

Peekaboo hair highlights are a great way of trying out a fun color on your head. The best part is that you can create these looks at home with simple tools and a few easy steps. Peekaboo highlights are becoming more and more popular, and we’re seeing them in many celebrity hairs these days.

How much does it cost to get peekaboo hair?

There are plenty of low-budget salons advertising lower hair highlights and coloring out there, certainly you don’t want to compromise on your hair color quality.

Often, these low-budget salons use less-expensive hair care products and dyes, which can easily compromise quality.

One thing that sets apart top salons from average ones is that the former have high-quality hair treatment products with a wide variety of coloring and highlights to choose from, unlike those with limited options.

Besides, you get professional advice gained from the many years of experience, so they know what is best for your hair.

Indeed, you will be 100% sure that you will achieve your hair coloring goal. Although it will cost you an extra buck to compensate for their great expertise, it is worth paying in the long run.

At Royal Hair Studio, our hairstylists have a lot of experience with peekaboo hair treatment and can give you the exact results that you desire. Check out our services and pricing.

Should I get lowlights?

Lowlights are a great way to add depth and dimension to your hair without the commitment of color.

They’re perfect for hiding hair damage or regrowing lost hair, and they come in a variety of gorgeous colors and tones. But to get the best results, you need to start with straight hair.

Although highlights can be great for a change of pace, the extra time and money needed to keep them looking good over the long term are often worth it when it comes to lowlights. After all, you only get one head of hair.

Experience peekaboo hair color highlights for yourself

Peekaboo hair highlights can definitely bring out another side of you that you never knew was there in the first place. Whether simple contrasting shade or even a high voltage red hue, make a statement with as much or little color as you want.

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