Whether it’s trendy innovation such as Mucota, the ever popular Keratin and Balayage, or even the classic Rebonding, our hairstylists are well versed in expertly applying these treatments to your hair to give it that magazine cover look that you’ve always wanted.

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Ladies’ Haircut

Regardless of your preferred style, your hair needs seasoned, deft hands to turn your desired look into reality. Not a problem for us at all; just sit back and let our stylists do the magic.

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Men’s Haircut

Looking for an efficient hairstyle that means business and casual fun whenever you need to be one of either? Let our skills and experience conjure the perfect crown that personifies you in any situation that you’re in.

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Your hair is a canvas, and it needs to come alive. Wearing your personality outwardly has never been easier, with our professional hairstylists literally bringing colour to your locks in spectrums of hues and combinations that have to be seen to believe.

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Old school and classic yet timeless, we eat, live and breathe perming on a daily basis. If you desire a straight-up setting of your hair done right, we’re just the right hair studio for your needs.

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At Royal Hair Studio, we offer a comprehensive range of hairdressing services all designed to give your hair the unparalleled pampering and care that it truly deserves.

When it comes to giving you the best possible hair styling experience, we don’t hold back.

So hesitate no more, give us a call now and book your next hair styling session with us today!

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